Company Profile


To offer and deliver high quality flexible packaging material at right quanitity and on the right time.

Providing our experience and technical knowledge and expertise. We are developing high barrier film substrates, highly advanced printing technology for all kind of packaging requirements.

To build and maintain a business culture and long term relationship, with suppliers and clients supported by trust and respect.

To provide a work culture that rewards and motivates our employees.

As a result we shall gain a competitive advantages, business, job security and profitability so that we, our people and owners equally aspire for. Each one of us will ensure that our work is accordance with the defined quality systems and our product will satisfy and delight our customer.


We envisioned into future where we stand for the first option for the exuberant and delighted customer, who we see are the essence of our operations.


We understand the needs of customer

We strive to develop the long term business relationship with our suppliers.

We want to diversify to other variants of flexible packaging product

We strive to continue the improvements in all of our business process

We are commited to profitable and sustainable growth.

We deliver what we promised.

Saeed AA. Al Hajri
Managing Director

Muneer S. Al Khatib
General Manager

Abdul Salim
Production Manager

Nedal Mehana
Sales Manager

Mohammed Kharrwash
Finance Manager

Ahmed Eldeen
Store Manager

Zashee Diane De Villa
HR Admin

Managing Director's Message

In the name of ALLAH, I thank you all for paying time to visit our website in order to learn more about our culture of quality. One of our branch was established two and half decades ago, with a low amount of capital and high level of commitment to authenticity that makes me proud of who and what we are today.

AL RAYYAN PLASTIC FACTORY is defined by its peculiar manufacturing process and unique quality of its variants, applying advanced technique in flexo graphic printing & bag making.

Each of our product is made with a great deal of art, science and spirit beginning with our talented production team, which is our backbone, accompanied by great skill of management which contribute to the face and voice of AL RAYYAN PLASTIC FACTORY, making it possible for all customers to enjoy quality product across the country each and everyday.

From our products variants ranging from normal bottom sealing bag to high quality loop handle bag, Poly draw bag & High speed fully automatic T-shirt bag. I hope our customers will be delighted by our sense of tradition and innovation.

The idea of diversification took birth from the thought to grow beyond what we delighted customers expected from us.

We Thank all of our customers for extending us their valuable assistance and honest support which giving us stregth and confidence to go the highest level. Also a part from plastic industry, We are going manufacturing PVC pipes & Fittings and Thermoforming products with three plants at new Industrial Area. Inshah Allah our new project will be in operation by the middle of 2013.

Company Details

Installed capacity of the Plant: 7 Tons PE & PP raw materials per day.

Employees: Total of 80 Sklilled and semi skilled operators and the assistants from parts of the world

Company History

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